GION NAITO : “Morphing & Mutation” Day 1

GION NAITO :  “Morphing & Mutation” Day 1


BOOKCHAT 17:00~ 19:00

オートクチュール(お誂え)として創造する伝統的な はきものはもちろん。今を生きる祇園ない藤は、古くからの知恵を新しいウェアブルなデザインにも落とし込みます。

This event is about the evolution of a product Gion Naito zoori, originally made as a tool of life, and it’s strength to stand alone in an everchanging world. Only the world around it changes, yet the tool itself- Zoori, is the same. Is it sustainable, minimal, and able to glide into yet another generation after another generation with little change & effort. The style, the way it is used can change as the evolution of the world shifts, but the remarkable simplicity and chic-ness of this product is a work of art in itself. Looked at as an object, it is as beautiful sitting on the shelf as an art piece.

We welcome you to see this installation of Gion Naito, a beautiful “house” of authentic zoori, that is not scared to boldly peer into the future, using the old traditional craftsmanship of zoori making into new wearable designs, as well as the haute couture zoori they continue to create for their beloved clients.

We present to you, Gion Naito with Mr. Seiji Naito, at the helm, holding the fifth generation baton.

Director: Maggiechatter

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